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Herbal First Aid (1993)                                                        
Herbal Teas (1994)                                                            
Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants (1996/2001)                     
Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine (1996/2001) [US ed.]
Phytotherapy: Fifty Vital Herbs (1998)
Hypericum: the natural anti-depressant (1999)
Herbal Remedies Handbook (2001)
Herbal Medicine for the Menopause (2001)
Herbal Remedies: DK Eyewitness Guide (2007)

Herb Walks

Every May - September Andrew runs a series of herb walks through Norfolk’s beautiful countryside. Each gentle-paced walk lasts about 2 hours and most of the time is spent finding and identifying wayside medicinal plants, talking about their history and folklore, and how they can be used as medicines today. For more information please contact us by email.
Books & Herb Walks

To make an appointment, please phone or email the appropriate clinic Click Here
Amberwood Publishing
Amberwood Publishing
Dorling Kindersley

Amberwood Publishing
Souvenir Press
Dorling Kindersley
Amberwood Publishing
Dorling Kindersley
Andrew Chevallier is a well known author on herbal medicine and medicinal plants. His books have been translated into many languages and published around the world.