The Herbal Approach

Herbal medicine is a key resource for those looking to treat illness and regain vitality using natural means. By working with body and mind (and perhaps soul too), major improvements in health become possible.

Herbal extracts make potent medicines. Though they can help in acute illness, they are most likely to prove helpful in treating chronic health problems. Herbal medicines are best seen as allies - they can help you walk the path back towards good health, but they cannot necessarily walk it for you.

Things such as a sound diet, adequate sleep and rest, exercise, relaxation and a positive attitude are the building blocks that lay the foundations for the return to good health.

Attention to these areas of one’s life is an important part of the herbal approach to health. Herbal medicines can then be used to treat specific concerns or problems such as poor immune function, chronic inflammation, anxiety or digestive weakness.

With appropriate advice and an accurate choice of herbal extracts, this approach can produce rapid results where the person is basically healthy, though gradual, week on week, improvement is more common.